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Practical Guidelines for the Treatment of AMD

Comprehensive, evidence-based guidelines include the latest information on AMD classification, diagnosis, staging, and treatment.


Practical Guidelines for the Treatment of AMD


Jeffry Gerson, OD, FAAO
Grin Eye Care, Olathe, KS

Over the past 15 years, tremendous advances have been made in regard to our understanding of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). However, information overload has made it difficult for clinicians to keep up with the science, much less understand the implications for patient care. This webinar brings together the latest information to deliver practical, evidence-based guidelines for the treatment of AMD that can be implemented in a medically-oriented practice.


Contemporary AMD Management for the Optometrist


Damon Dierker, OD, FAAO
Eye Surgeons of Indiana

In this webinar, Dr. Dierker answers the following questions:

  • What exactly is AMD?
  • When can we confidently make the diagnosis?
  • How often should AMD patients be monitored?
  • When is special testing indicated?
  • What advice should we be giving patients if we use an evidence-based approach?
  • What can we really do that makes a difference in patients with AMD?


AMD: Better Outcomes Start with You


Shawn A. Lewis, MD
Retina Associates of Cleveland

Mark F. Pyfer, MD
Northern Ophthalmic Associates; Wills Eye Hospital

In this webinar, Dr. Lewis and Dr. Pyfer discuss:

  • ​The current prevalence of AMD
  • Identifying subclinical AMD with Dark Adaptation testing
  • Using the AdaptDx® to detect and monitor AMD
  • How the AdaptDx can improve patient care and practice revenue


Dark Adaptation, the AdaptDx and Management of AMD


​Richard Rosen, MD
Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of the Retinal Service at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary
Glenn Corbin, ODHead of Wyomissing Optometric Center and Adjunct Professor at Pennsylvania College of Optometry

In this webinar, Dr. Rosen and Dr. Corbin discuss:

  • ​The science behind Dark Adaptation.
  • Why dark adaptation is a highly sensitive and specific assessment of AMD.
  • The role Dark Adaptation and the AdaptDx can play in your practice as your manage more and more AMD patients.



Eye care professionals demonstrate how the AdaptDx benefits their practices, while patients explain how an AMD diagnosis with the device changed their lives.


Evidence-based guides include the latest information on AMD classification, diagnosis, staging and treatment.


Compelling research proves AdaptDx reveals the earliest signs of AMD.

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