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AMD Center of Excellence

Specialized care for patients with AMD

Equipped with the most current knowledge and advanced technology, an AMD Center of Excellence has dedicated staff that receives ongoing training to best serve patients with AMD.

These primary eye care clinics are unique in that they:

  • Detect AMD at the earliest stages
  • Proactively treat early AMD, based on the latest research
  • Identify critical stages in disease progression and promptly intervene

My patients recognize our practice as an AMD Center of Excellence with a commitment to preventing blindness through early diagnosis and management. MacuLogix has given our doctors the tool to be leaders in early AMD diagnosis.

Glen Corbin, OD Glenn S. Corbin, OD View all testimonials

Becoming an AMD Center of Excellence

Kirman Eye is one of the first eye care practices to invest in AdaptDx Pro® for early detection of AMD, as part of their AMD Center of Excellence. See the impact their dedicated care has had on their patients.