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Improving Patient Care with AdaptDx Pro

Earlier, More Accurate Detection

Structural changes (the appearance of drusen) in the retina are not always easily discernible. They often become evident only after AMD has progressed from its earliest stages.

Combining structural and functional assessments can improve your confidence in making a differential diagnosis of AMD. Impaired dark adaptation as measured by the AdaptDx Pro is 90% sensitive and specific to the presence of AMD, which helps erase ambiguity caused by relying on structural assessments alone. In addition, dark adaptation testing can help you detect signs of AMD years before drusen are evident in structural imaging, giving you time to take action and hopefully slow disease progression to preserve your patients’ vision.

Monitoring Disease Progression

Just as patients with glaucoma benefit from disease management using both structural and functional assessments, AMD patients can be more closely and accurately monitored when using dark adaptation testing as the functional complement to subjective structural imaging. With the AdaptDx Pro, you can identify patients with deteriorating retinal function long before their visual acuity is affected, allowing earlier intervention to preserve their vision. The test’s objective measurement of dark adaptation speed also allows you to identify fast progressors or patients at higher risk of choroidal neovascularization (CNV), which enables you to take steps to preserve their vision before irreversible damage occurs.

The AdaptDx Pro gives us the opportunity to change the future of macular degeneration care because it allows us to screen everyone at risk and identify macular degeneration earlier. The whole objective is to reduce the number of patients losing vision from macular degeneration.

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High-Touch Patient Care

The AdaptDx Pro® offers an optimal patient experience. Patients can don the lightweight headset and tighten it to provide a personalized fit, and the padded liner and adjustable strap can be used to enhance their comfort.

During the the test, patients are guided by our friendly on-board technician, TheiaTM. Powered by artificial intelligence, Theia delivers a uniform experience, and her personalized adaptive coaching increases the likelihood of consistent, reliable results. Theia also speaks a number of languages to provide personalized testing for patients in their native language. Your technician can even operate the device in one language while Theia speaks to the patient in another, ensuring that this high-tech device provides high-touch care to all your patients.

When the Diagnosis is AMD

Once you diagnose your patient with AMD, you can determine a course of action and start monitoring the patient more frequently. Treatment recommendations for all stages of AMD include:ii

  • Recommending smoking cessation programs
  • Prescribing nutritional supplementation
  • Discussing lifestyle modifications, such as diet and exercise
  • Managing systemic diseases with the patient’s primary care physician
  • Prescribing blue light protection, plus UVA and UVB sunglasses for outdoor protection

Improving Dark Adaptation Testing for Patients

With the AdaptDx Pro®, Dr. Ryan Powell and his staff at Insight Eyecare Specialties, Inc. are confident in their ability to provide convenient and comfortable dark adaptation testing for their patients.

AdaptDx Pro testing goggles - AMD

Testing with AdaptDx Pro

See how your practice can use the AdaptDx Pro to help detect and monitor AMD.

Drive Practice Growth

Integrating AdaptDx Pro testing in your practice has the potential to drive medical revenue and attract new patients.

Implementation Expertise

Each AdaptDx Pro purchase is supported by our AMD Excellence Program®️ to help you achieve your patient care and practice growth goals.