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Change the Future For your patients. For your practice.

Discover the New AdaptDx Pro

The AdaptDx Pro and Theia will change the future of AMD care because they make it easier for eye care professionals to test more patients and diagnose disease at an earlier stage.

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For Practices

Subclinical AMD Detection

Research reveals that impaired dark adaptation is the earliest biomarker of AMD. Diagnosis at the subclinical level is the best chance to preserve vision.

AdaptDx Consult

For Patients

Protect Your Eyesight

Talking to your eye doctor about risk factors or trouble seeing at night may help detect macular degeneration early enough to delay or prevent blindness.

Breakthrough Technology Meets High-Touch Patient Care

The advanced technology of the AdaptDx Pro™ can help you detect AMD at the subclinical stage and manage this progressive disease to prevent unnecessary vision loss. 

The AdaptDx Pro is amazing for two primary reasons. One, the portability of it is phenomenal. The other piece that’s critical is that Theia, the onboard AI tech, provides the instructions for the test, so patients get consistent instruction every time.

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Article: January 17, 2020 | Review of Optometry

AdaptDx Pro Simplifies Dark Adaptation Testing

If you want to help identify AMD patients sooner so that management can begin before substantial vision loss occurs, a new product from Maculogix aims to help.

Press Releases: January 14, 2020

MacuLogix Introduces the AdaptDx Pro Guided by Theia

MacuLogix, Inc. announces the next generation of dark adaptation functional testing with the introduction of the AdaptDx Pro guided by Theia.

Article: December 2019 | Modern Optometry

A New Dynamic in Health Care?

How at-home genetic testing has affected AMD patient encounters with eye care practitioners. By Dr. Damon Dierker, OD, FAAO and Dr. Scott Schachter, OD.