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AdaptDx Pro Testing Can Help Improve Patient Outcomes

Integrate AdaptDx Pro into Your Practice Through Our AMD Excellence Program

Testing your patients’ dark adaptation speed may help you detect the earliest signs of AMD, in addition to monitoring subtle disease progression that can be missed with subjective imaging technology. Following best practices for optimizing AMD care, our Practice Management Consultant will help incorporate dark adaptation testing into your practice protocol and transform your clinic through the AMD Excellence Program®.

The initial test takes less than 6.5 minutes and can be performed during dilation. The portable headset minimizes patient disruption, and you can even use more than one device to run multiple tests at the same time. In addition to its portability, the AdaptDx Pro’s light-proof seal means no additional space or dedicated darkroom is required. It’s as simple as adding a step or two to the routine of each team member.

Receptionist helps with AMD patient


Patient Registration

Manages patient scheduling to ensure smooth flow and operation of the office and identifies patients on the schedule over a certain age for a comprehensive eye exam.


Patient Work Up

Administers the AdaptDx Pro dark adaptation test to all patients over a certain age during their comprehensive eye exam.

May work on other tests while Theia™, the onboard AI technician, takes over.

Enters test results into the EHR.


Patient Exam

Interprets AdaptDx Pro results.

If the Rod Intercept® is < 6.5 minutes, schedule a Rapid Test as part of their annual routine eye exam.

If the Rod Intercept is ≥ 6.5 minutes, schedule the patient for an Extended Test to obtain a baseline. Once established, schedule the patient for appropriate monitoring of disease progression – every 3-6 months – depending on the severity of the disease.


Meet Theia: Your On-Board Technician

Listen to how Theia guides your patients through the testing—even adapting as they progress.

The AdaptDx Pro is a tool, that not only to gives you hope for better patient outcomes, which is the most important thing, but also helps you to grow your practice. There’s a huge opportunity because AMD is more prevalent than glaucoma, diabetes, and diabetic retinopathy combined.

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Learn about the Benefits of AdaptDx Pro

Implementation Expertise

Each AdaptDx Pro purchase is supported by our AMD Excellence Program®️ to help you achieve your patient care and practice growth goals.

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