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AdaptDx Pro Resource Library

Dr. Laurie Sorrenson video


Eye care professionals demonstrate how the AdaptDx Pro® benefits their practices, while patients explain how an AMD diagnosis with the device changed their lives.


MacuLogix® clinical advisers demonstrate how AdaptDx Pro can improve patient outcomes.


Evidence-based guides include the latest information on AMD classification, diagnosis, staging, and treatment.



Compelling research proves MacuLogix dark adaptometers accurately measure dark adaptation, the earliest sign of AMD.



We offer our customers materials to promote their practice as an AMD Center of Excellence® and to educate their patients about AMD.

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Screening for macular degeneration is important because as we know, once we lose sight in our macula and once it becomes affected, there’s no getting that back. So being proactive is a lot better than being reactive.

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Learn about the Benefits of AdaptDx Pro

AMD Detection

The AdaptDx Pro testing tool from MacuLogix offers you the chance to detect functional deficits associated with AMD in patients before vision loss occurs.

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As the AMD Experts®, our sales team is here to answer your questions about the clinical and financial benefits of the AdaptDx Pro.