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Prevent Blindness with AdaptDx

AdaptDx Nurse Helps Patient with AMD

Preserving Vision

You ask Dolores to take the AdaptDx® test, and quickly discover that her results indicate subclinical age-related macular degeneration. Fortunately for Dolores, you caught this progressive disease at the earliest possible stage. Together, you can take steps to preserve her vision for years to come.

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The Science Behind AdaptDx

Research conclusively shows that dark adaptation function is dramatically impaired from the earliest stages of AMD, with increasing deterioration as the disease progresses. Usually expressed as a night vision complaint, you can use impaired dark adaptation to identify patients with subclinical AMD up to three years before drusen are visible.

The AdaptDx®, created by MacuLogix®, makes dark adaptation testing affordable and accessible for any optometry or ophthalmology practice. The device automatically measures the number of minutes it takes for the eye to adapt from bright light to darkness—the Rod Intercept™ (RI).


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Practical Guidelines for the Treatment of AMD

Comprehensive, evidence-based guidelines include the latest information on AMD classification, diagnosis, staging, and treatment.


Drive Practice Growth

Integrating AdaptDx testing in your practice has the potential to drive revenue and attract new patients.


Enhance Patient Care

With a subclinical diagnosis of AMD, your patients have the chance to start treatment earlier to delay or prevent the onset of vision loss.

Practicing with AdaptDx

These eye care professionals can’t imagine their practice without AdaptDx. Can you?

When I look at the future of managing macular degeneration, I see the AdaptDx as the essential tool in AMD management just as now I see the OCT as the essential tool in managing glaucoma in its earliest stages. By finding a disease early, and intervening appropriately we have the best chance of altering the course.

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Device Accessories

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Guiding AdaptDx Implementation

Each AdaptDx purchase is supported by our AMD Excellence Program™ to help you achieve your patient care and practice growth goals.

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As the AMD experts, our sales team is here to answer your questions about the clinical and financial benefits of the AdaptDx.