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Visit booth 203 to learn about subclinical AMD detection at Academy 2019

Our team is looking forward to discussing how our AdaptDx® dark adaptometer can help improve patient outcomes and grow your practice at this year’s American Academy of Optometry meeting in Orlando.

Research conclusively shows that dark adaptation function is dramatically impaired from the earliest stages of the disease, with increasing deterioration as the disease progresses.1 Usually expressed as a night vision complaint, you can use impaired dark adaptation to identify patients with subclinical AMD at least three years before drusen are visible.

AMD Strategies: Hot Off The Press

Pick up your FREE copy at MacuLogix booth 203

This resource contains articles on AMD topics such as nutrition, implementation, advice for new AdaptDx users, and much more.

Practical Strategies is the third booklet in our AMD Knowledge Base series.


AMD Courses to Check Out:

How to Improve Outcomes and Help Prevent Blindness

  • Speakers: Dr. Damon Dierker, Dr. Brad Sutton
  • Location: Tangerine WF1
  • Date: Thursday, October 24 from 1:30-3:30 PM


AMD: Current Science and Trends in Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Speakers: Dr. Jeffry Gerson, Dr. A. Paul Chous
  • Location: Tangerine WF1
  • Date: Friday, October 25 from 4:00 – 5:00 PM

One of the great things about the AdaptDx is that it’s a very straightforward test to understand as a practitioner. It’s basically a yes-or-no test. If somebody has impaired dark adaptation, which means their ability to recover from a bright light takes longer than 6.5 minutes, we know with 90% sensitivity and specificity that the patient has macular degeneration.

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Prevent Blindness Caused by AMD

With the AdaptDx, you will be able to detect AMD at subclinical stage and manage this chronic progressive disease to prevent unnecessary vision loss.