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Achieving Success with AdaptDx Training

Aaron Werner, OD

“The entire training and onboarding process was unique and set us for success.” As Aaron Werner, OD, of Werner Optometry knows well, training and support are critical when it comes to integrating new technology into your eye care practice.

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My name is Aaron Werner and I’m the optometrist here and recent owner of the practice. The practice was started by dad over 35 years ago and actually I’m a fifth-generation optometrist so I did everything I could not to be here and here I am. But it’s in the blood and I love it. I’m very proud of the team we have, I’m very proud of our office, and I’m very proud of our systems.

Impressed by the success of the AdaptDx integration

I don’t like being told that we need to change things very much. But when I saw the very structured schedule and just the delivery of the AdaptDx, the install of the AdaptDx, and then the training of the staff and how that day went, I was incredibly impressed that it set us for success. Then day one, MacuLogix and Dixie were very helpful in making sure we structured the day accordingly. Dixie ran the test for the morning with the technicians observing her and she was very helpful. At lunch, we shut down the office and did a full training with the entire staff on what is macular degeneration. Not in a super scientific, 5-dollar-word lecture but a, ‘How do you talk to people about it?’ Let’s be real. What’s the disease? Why is it important? Why do we test for it? Why do we ask the screening questions that we ask? And then in the afternoon, she observed the technicians running the tests and that just set us off running. The entire office was very comfortable with the technology, we’re comfortable talking about the disease state, and the entire training onboarding process was unique and something that I don’t think I’ve experienced with any companies recently but very appreciative for it because I think they really do care about my success with the technology in the practice. And I’ll add that training really hasn’t stopped; we’ve had it for four months now and Dixie continues to call the office to talk to the technicians, who are the ones running the tests, and doctors as well, to make sure that we’re comfortable with MacuLogix support and their onboarding process – the ease of use of the instrument.

The AdaptDx is very patient-friendly and easy to use

Really my job is to be the doctor. My job is to interpret the results, educate the patient, and the staff runs the equipment and stuff. It’s super easy to do the tests. It’s very patient-friendly and so it’s easy for patients to take the test. It’s easy for me to interpret the results of a conversation with them and then it’s really easy because of MacuLogix help and training and support for the staff to continue that education with the patient, reinforce the treatment plans that I’ve discussed with them. The patient feels comfortable that the whole office is with them treating this disease.