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AdaptDx Saves Patients’ Vision and Increases Practice Performance

Gary Kirman, OD

Dr. Gary Kirman, a 10-year Cleinman member practicing in Hummlestown, PA, shares his experience with the AdaptDx® dark adaptometer and how it helped him to manage his AMD patients and increase practice revenue.

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Video Transcript:

Hello, I’m Dr. Gary Kirman. I practice at Hummelstown, Pennsylvania and I’m a ten-year Cleinman member.

As Clienman practitioners, we’re here to make an impact to our practice and to our patients. I will venture to say that the AdaptDx may be the single most important addition to your office that you would make this year. 

AMD is 3 times more prevalent than glaucoma

Statistically we know that AMD is the leading cause of blindness in the adult population 65 and over in the United States. Macular degeneration is 3 times more prevalent than glaucoma. As all of you practice high-level examinations, you administer glaucoma testing for every adult patient coming in and yet, a problem that is three times more prevalent than glaucoma, we’ve never been able to screen for.

AdaptDdx Allows You to Detect Subclinical AMD

We know that visual acuity is not a good indicator [of early stages of AMD], central visual field loss comes later in the disease, we know the appearance of drusen and ultimately the diagnosis of AMD comes much later. The AdaptDx allows us to have a new diagnosis of subclinical AMD; where the risk level has been assessed before retinal findings are visible through OCT, by microscopy, stereo photos or through any other imaging technology.

AdaptDx Drives Practice Revenue

As you implement AdaptDx testing in your office, you’ll notice that other auxiliary tests that you perform will increase: the frequency of OCT retinal imaging, the frequency of Annidis RHA imaging, stereo photographs, Optomap usage,  central visual fields. AdaptDx becomes the driver for many of these other special tests.

If you’re dispensing vitamins to your patients, as an example our vitamin sales went from 24,000 annually in 2014 to 65,000 at the end of 2016. So there was a tripling of the amount of vitamins that we prescribed and the patients purchased from our office.

And this also is impactful in those spectacle lenses that you will be prescribing, making sure patients are wearing good sun protection, making sure that they have good blue light protection.

AdaptDx: Good for Your Practice. Good for Your Patients.

As Cleinman doctors, we’re here to improve our practice performance and I will tell you that the AdaptDx addition in your practice will absolutely improve practice performance. You will also have great pleasure knowing you are saving your patients’ vision.