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AMD Is Not Your Grandparents' Disease

Oliver Lou, OD

As Dr. Oliver Lou discusses, AMD is no longer the disease that your mom or grandfather had where very little could be done to treat it. Instead, early detection and active disease management through dark adaptation testing allows his patients to enjoy additional years of good central vision, enhancing the odds of a better quality of life.

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Definitely consider the AdaptDx. It’s a test that will serve your patients in your practice well. It’s something that we really need to be on the forefront of this very devastating eye disease, and we owe it to our patients and to our practice.

The impact AdaptDx has on patient care

The impact that AdaptDx has had on my patient care first and foremost is tremendous; to be able to find macular degeneration signs so much earlier really helps us be able to do treatment and it really lets us get in front of it. When you educate a patient about the whole process it really can be life-changing, but when you tell them it’s not the disease that their mom or a grandmother had. It’s a disease that we can actually if we catch it early there’s a lot of hope and there’s a lot of treatment that can be very effective. And so you can turn something that can be a shock or surprise to something that can be a relief or something that they actually can feel positive about and know that they can do something about it. As far as practice revenue it’s certainly the machine has more than paid for itself. You know, with that we probably run about 20 or 30 patients a month on that, so it more than covers our payment but more than that it allows us to make sure that we run the correct tests and recommend the right supplements and just be able to take care of the patient all the way through. And I’m a firm believer; we take care of the patient and all the practice revenue numbers will take care of themselves as well.

Now that we’ve gotten used to having AdaptDx and we’re very comfortable and familiar with it, and we’ve seen the success of it, we could no longer imagine running our practice without the AdaptDx.