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MacuLogix Helps Integrate AdaptDx into Eye Care Practices

Pamela Lowe, OD
Jeffrey Martin, OD
Doug Morrow, OD

Optometrists share how MacuLogix® helped integrate the AdaptDx® into their eye care practice.

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Video Transcript:

Our team provides your practice with AdaptDx education

Dr. Lowe: MacuLogix team really helped with our practice integration by really educating my staff to the highest level they could, making sure they knew why the technology was important to our practice, and what patient would be a patient that would need the testing, how to tease that out so that my staff would know how to educate our patients and give the test in a more efficient manner.

We want to see your practice thrive with the new integration 

Dr. Martin: In terms of integrating it in our practice we had, obviously, the nuts and bolts stuff you’d expect with just installation and what not. They stayed with us every step of the way. They’ve never told me, “no.” If I’ve called them and said, “Hey I need four more posters to put up in my office because I’ve got a place I have people parked for 10 minutes and I want them thinking about this.” They just do it. They’ve been fantastic and I think they get it and I think they get that, you know, this is an opportunity to completely change the face of the way we manage the disease. and, you know, no request has been too small.

Training is one of our biggest priorities 

Dr. Morrow: Our trainer was awesome and stayed long enough to make sure everything was there; stayed long enough to make sure everything was training perfectly.

Dr. Lowe: The way I have integrated dark adaptation testing into our workflow is really by identifying patients that are at risk and for my practice that means discussing the technology with them, educating about them about the importance of it, and then reappointing my patients for a specific time that I can run the test and be able to talk to them about the results.