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Part 4: Q&A with Cataract Surgeon

Mark Pyfer, MD

How have your colleagues and technicians responded to the AdaptDx®?

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Video Transcripts:

We have a busy multi-specialty practice with six physicians: retinal specialist, glaucoma, ocular plastics, optometry and cataract, and refractive surgery, along with several general ophthalmologists. We have very much a cooperative practice, where we each specialize within the purview of our own specialty, but we’re very collaborative.

Our Physicians Are Recommending AdaptDx

I found that with increased education and understanding of how the AdaptDx test is used and actually seeing the results in our patients, my colleagues have been very accepting and started to recommend the test to their patients more as well.

AdaptDx is Easy for Technicians to Administer

Our technicians have accepted the test very readily. MacuLogix provides education to teach the technicians how to do the tests, are confident that they can do it easily. AdaptDx testing doesn’t require dilation or pre-adaptation, so technicians can set the patient up pretty quickly. The setup is very much like visual field testing that we do all the time. Our technicians understand putting trial lens in, getting the patient centered, and counseling them on fixation. It’s a relatively short quick test. AdaptDx is easy for the technicians to perform and gives us good information.

The technicians also appreciate seeing the AdaptDx test result and how I talk to the patients about it. It’s nice to get that full circle. And they can see how that impacts my counseling of the patient, my ability to care for the patient.