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More than 1,000 eye care professionals worldwide have been using the AdaptDx® and AdaptDx Pro® to test for impaired dark adaptation, the earliest biomarker of age-related macular degeneration. Our customers tell the story of how they’re fighting against preventable blindness by identifying AMD at its earliest stages and closely monitoring its progression. 

The impact of the AdaptDx on my patient care and practice revenue has been phenomenal!

Pamela Lowe, OD, FAAO Pamela Lowe, OD

The AdaptDx is simple for the patient and takes little staff training to become proficient at administering. Analyzing the data by the doctor only takes seconds and is very simple to interpret. This allows more time to discuss with the patient the results and the plan of action when needed.

EricHammond Eric Hammond, OD

The test is a great benchmark that I use to determine depth of the disease and how soon the patient needs to return for another visit.

Mogyordy Pete Mogyordy, OD

Now that we are using the AdaptDx to help us diagnose AMD earlier and actively manage disease progression, I’m confident we will improve outcomes in both eyes by catching CNV before significant vision loss occurs.

R. Aaron Werner Aaron Werner, OD

I have macular degeneration and I'm glad we caught it early, because now we can do something about it.

Linda Grumbine Linda G., AMD Patient

It would be unimaginable nowadays to diagnose glaucoma without both structural and functional testing. With today’s technology, the same can be said for AMD, as functional testing complements structural findings for the earliest indications of the disease.

Leo Semmes, OD, FAAO Leo Semes, OD, FAAO

There is no better way to grow a corporate practice than having the newest and most advanced technology. The AdaptDx makes my practice stand out from other practices.

Eric Botts Eric Botts, OD

I’ve had fellow practitioners that have said, ‘I didn’t know this was out here’ about the AdaptDx. But once you see the science behind the device, you realize what it can do for your practice and AMD patients. It becomes clear how much easier it is to detect AMD earlier and to track its progression. We, as Vision Source doctors, tend to practice more comprehensive eye care over just refractions and this becomes increasingly effortless with the AdaptDx dark adaptometer.

DonnaShotwell Donna Shotwell, OD

The AdaptDx is especially useful for optometrists and general ophthalmologists who see many patients with “normal” clinical exams, since it can help you identify subclinical AMD up to three years before clinical onset. With the AdaptDx, you will be in the front line in detecting these patients and will be able to carefully monitor and treat those with subclinical AMD.

Dr. Shawn Lewis1 Shawn Lewis, MD

The AdaptDx is a complete paradigm shift in the management and vision loss prevention of AMD. We no longer have the "watch & wait" approach with AMD. Our new proactive approach to this sight threatening disease is utilizing the AdaptDx to help us diagnose AMD due to physiological changes that occur YEARS before any drusen and structural changes are visible. Then, we start patients on a treatment plan and follow-up care significantly earlier, resulting in greatly improved outcomes for our patients!!

Harry Landsaw Harry Landsaw, OD